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Delivery to Nimbus X

Take flight with the crew of the VK Obsidian as they hunt for wealth and adventure! Join Khopesh, Dactyl, and Chirwa — the intergalactic collective of thrill-seekers — on a daring quest into the heart of clandestine pharmeceutical transport. Accompanied by their onboard AI Gorf and an eclectic array of extraterrestrial allies, our heroes must navigate dangers beyond their wildest dreams.

Delivery to Nimbus X is the first exciting saga of the VK Obsidian crew, but it won't be their last! Grab a cup of Cherry Nitrous and strap on your space helmet for the ride of your life.

Praise for Eric S. Piotrowski:

"There is much to be found in Piotrowski's writing: humor, humanity, passion, and knowledge." — Jim Dahm, English Teacher (ret.)

He trys way to hard to get the students to pay attention" — Anonymous student at RateMyTeachers.com

"The guy who wrote this is not a s—head." — David Simon, Creator of The Wire and Treme: Tweet to the author

Science Fiction: 149 pgs
$12.00 / £8.50 / €10.50


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