Updated 25 December 2009

This is the official website of the Madison (Wisconsin) Go Club.

We meet every Wednesday night at 6:00 PM (usually until 10:00 or so) at the University of Wisconsin Memorial Union. We also meet at other assorted times and places for more play. Dan Kastenholz is our esteemed coordinator. Email him for more information. Or, if you get no response (because it's rumored that Dan doesn't check his email too often), email the webitor, Eric Piotrowski.

GoMadison Pictures
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Dave plays a game with Derek. (Apologies for the blurry image -- I'm still learning how to work the digital camera.)

Dean plays a game with Keith.

Dan plays a game with Robin.

A closeup of Dan and Robin's game.

A group of folks at Dan's pad. I'm not sure when this picture was taken.

A closeup of a game, with Dong-Li (left) and Dave battling it out in the background. This shot appeared in a recent article about our club in the Wisconsin State Journal.

Dave studies a game. This shot appeared in a recent article about our club in the Wisconsin State Journal.

Dave Weimer, Madison Go player and former AGA Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Dean plays a game at a friend's house. It's quite unusual to see Dean photographed near a bottle of wine.

GoMadison webitor Eric Piotrowski (left) receives some pointers from a much stronger player.

Rich studies the board with a peculiar expression.

Alexander (now of the eastern Europe Go club) at the Go board. I'm willing to bet that's James behind him.

Here are some websites about Go (Wei'Qi, Baduk):

Play Go online!

  • Internet Go Server: The most popular place to play online. This is where the high-dan players hang out.

  • Kiseido Go Server: The best place to play Go online, especially for new players. The client is especially designed to facilitate post-game review.

  • Dragon Go Server: A superb turn-based server (log in, make a move, log out).

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