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Cancel the Apocalypse

Cancel the Apocalypse: Reflections of an Anarchist Afrocentric Feminist Nonviolent Revolutionary is an overview of everything important in the world of politics. In this series of essays, educator and author Eric S. Piotrowski reflects on issues ranging from race to revolution, feminism to farming. With humor, insight, and plenty of pop culture references, he uses his experience in various political movements to analyze and elucidate topics from around the world that affect us all.

Eschewing dogma and bitterness, Piotrowski tries to bridge harmful divides without watering down his passionate beliefs. He attempts to use good faith conversation and dialectic analysis to move these painful discussions further. Includes essays on economics, war, LGBTQ issues, and the environment.

Praise for Eric S. Piotrowski:

"Part personal manifesto, part primer for aspiring / despairing activists, this book inspires hope that we can pull ourselves from the abyss of despair, division, annihilation." -- Pamela Sexton, Activist and Educator, 1999 IFET-OP US Coordinator

"A primer for the young activists / revolutionary […] belongs on the same shelf with Alinsky's Rules for Radicals and your various Zinn editions." -- Garrett Crowell, Rutherford County Library Branch Circulation Manager

"The guy who wrote this is not a s—head." -- David Simon, Creator of The Wire and Treme: Tweet to the author

Non-Fiction: Education
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